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  1. Shubhangi Singh’s practice as an visual artist and filmmaker responds to contemporary politics and the interconnectedness of production and reproduction of popular everyday material within the socio-political tableaux. She often draws upon her experiences to address displacement and identity as well as queries related to the feminine and its position within society. In the process, hoping to extend the discourse onto the public sphere. Singh attempts to consistently consolidate her formal training in films with her transdisciplinary practice to continually create and collaborate.

    Her works include video, text, lecture-performances, sketches and mixed media installations while her interests range from (un)materiality, folktales and the vague blurring between fact and fiction.

    Shubhangi Singh’s works has shown at the Whitechapel Gallery (London), Third Space (Helsinki), 28th Festival Les Instants Video (Milan, Italy), BideoDromo, International Experimental Film and Video Festival (Bilbao, Spain), 8th Cairo Video Festival (Cairo, Egypt), Experimental Film, Audio and Performance Festival (Florianópolis, Brazil), IDSFFK (Kerala, India) and Athens Digital Art Festival (Athens, Greece) amongst others.

    She is a founding member of New City Limits and currently lives in Helsinki where she has recently completed a masters program in Visual Arts at Aalto University.

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