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  1. Locus Amoenus

    aluminium composite, drawing, text, loitering, note-taking, concrete and later: tag by unknown street artist 



    While nurturing the ethos of Jokamiehen oikeudet, how do subtle forms of erasures and minor acts of everyday violence stand to challenge, threaten or unsettle this claim of Everyperson’s right (to roam)? The study of public space is a way to examine the existing as well as emerging hegemonic patterns which can further hold answers to queries related to how our current society may be conducted or organised.

    Over the summer, a part of the public art commission but the city of Turku and Titanik, Shubhangi Singh mapped the streets of the city on foot, stopping, staying, looking and making notes at various spots in the city. The work, Locus Amoenus, a two month temporary public work located at Rettiginrinne street, Turku, extends upon the ongoing practice of ‘Noticing and Note-Taking’ which engages artistic forms of recording and interpreting everyday social interactions in public spaces through the act of loitering. 


    Public art commission by City of Turku | Supported by Titanik Gallery, Turku and Arte Ry.