shubhangi singh ©

Built with

  1. Bārood

    mixed-media, textile, text, safety pins, crochet



  2. A series of mixed media, textile-oriented objects, bārood, posits claim to bodily autonomy and the female body’s presence in public space.

    Through the use of material often designated to ranks of ‘domestic’, ‘feminine’ and ‘crafts’, the objects stand to confront the viewer by necessitating gaze.

    The worn-out brassiere are part celebratory and part subjugation –– a tensed relationship between gaze and spectatorship. Fraught with contradictions, the series of three objects, hope to undertake a transference of desire and control, while wishing to circumvent the feeling of shame. A sense of foreboding is always present.


    Exhibition view:

    2021 | Bringing a Poem to the Gunfight , solo exhibition, MAA Tila Gallery, Helsinki