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  1. Dawn to Dust

    Video – Mixed Media (video/ hand drawn animation/ poem / found footage)

    single channel | 2016


    Dawn to Dust examines the position of man in relation to their environment and contemplates the impact this plundering may have on the personal as well as the collective.

    Set in an ethos of geo-political displacement, mass exodus, chronic invasions and lost resistance, this piece is intended as an elegy to the present, spilling into the future. Over the duration of the piece, Dawn to Dust calls upon the viewer into a collective lamentation.

    Dawn to Dust is a mixed media video work that combines moving images, found material and hand drawn images.

    Screening view from Whitechapel Gallery, London



    º 2016 | Videokanava | Gallery Third Space (Helsinki), Arthouse Cinema Niagara (Tampere) Titanik-gallery (Turku) | Finland    

    º 2017 | Future Orbits / Kochi-Muziris Biennale Collateral | Kochi, India | curators: Rashmi Sawhney and Lucia King   

    º 2017 | 8th Cairo Video Festival | Cairo, Egypt    

    º 2017 | Indian Association for Women in Radio & Television (IAWRT) | Delhi, India    

    º 2017 | Experiments in Cinema | Albuquerque, New Mexico    

    º 2017 | 13th Athens Digital Art Festival | Athens, Greece    

    º 2017 | 3rd Edition of Dobra, Festival Internacional de Cinema Experimental, Cinematheque of the Museum of Modern Art | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil    

    º 2017 | FIVA- 7th Festival Internacional de Videoarte, Centro Cultural San Martin | Buenos Aires, Argentina    

    º 2018 | Disasters of Peace (vol. 5), Bienale de la Imagen en Movimiento (BIM) | Buenos Aires, Argentina | curators : Kamila Kuc and Sam Jury    

    º 2018 | Disasters of Peace - Whitechapel Gallery | London, UK | curators : Kamila Kuc and Sam Jury    

    º 2018 | The Unsettled Dust, Asian Short Film Festival | Chiang Mai, Thailand | curators: Nien-Ting Chen and Jaxton Su    

    º 2019 | The Unsettled Dust, VT Artsalon | Taiwan | curators: Nien-Ting Chen and Jaxton Su