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  1. Open the window and let the climate come in

    Camera obscura projection/ assorted objects/ aluminium foil 

    Wolkersdorf. Austria | 2018

    When the castle of Wolkersdorf exchanged hands in 1986, it was bought by the municipality for a token sum of 1 Austrian Schilling. 

    By inviting personal possessions belonging to the people living within 5 kilometers of the castle into the premise of the castle, the work observes how the objects transform, subvert and subsequently, reclaim the gallery space. 

    Open the window and let the climate come in is an attempt at drawing out newer, sub-narratives from within the larger narrative of the castle’s history. Each object on display has been collected from the homes and shops of people surrounding the Wolkersdorf castle in exchange for 7 cents – the amount equivalent to 1 Austrian schilling in present day value.

    In the renewed setting and against the backdrop of camera obscura of the scene just outside the gallery’s window, the objects take on new identities– perhaps even becoming artefacts in the process. 


    Exhibition view from FLUSS : Marek Gallery, Schloss Wolkersdorf

    curated by Harri Laakso and Martin Breind