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  1. Speaking in Tongues

    Video (archival material, family audio tapes, hand drawn animation)

    2017 | single channel


    Speaking in Tongues is an imagined conversation between Purnima Chawla, an Indian poet and pedagogue who had emigrated to Oslo in the early 1970s and Marie Hamsun, a Norwegian writer and poet and a rather contentious figure in the Norwegian political and literary landscape.

    The video work is a dialogue between the two women that might have been, could have been, but perhaps, would never have been.

    Gleaned out of found material, audio recordings and personal memorabilia, Speaking in Tongues reframes the questions of visibility, politics of mobility and right of presence within the current day geo-political landscape.


    Exhibition view from All of the Above, None of the Above | Office of Contemporary Art Norway |

    curated by Gitanjali Dang