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  1. Today’s Forecast : Outrage

    collage, text, reversal film scans, archival material, serigrafia print


    The work draws upon correspondence as feminist methodology to process the material collected over the period of the research at the archives (the Women’s Art Library, Goldsmith’s University and the MayDay Rooms, London).

    Through their individual research in the women’s movements in the UK through the 1970s until the early 80s, the process of exchange as knowledge sharing extends to the two collaborating artists who together make Today’s Forecast : Outrage. Each individual piece connects to historical movements across the UK that was further in dialogue with other larger global movements at the time, thus providing a foundation to several of the present and on-going feminist movements.

    The production of the material draws upon the the low-fi, easily distributable, d-i-y model of activist information sharing and call to action, as well as referencing the essential role of self-publishing played in the development of feminist movements.

    In collaboration with Yvonne Billimore.

    Exhibition view from Histories in the Present | Väre